Body Barrier Compression Shirt

6 Reusable Heat and Ice Barrier Packs

Heat/Ice Elbow Band

(All shirts are Grey, Color Option is for Logo only)


Freezing: Place the pack in freezer or refrigerator overnight, or until desired temperature is achieved. Heating: Microwave pack for 40 seconds on High. For more heat, microwave pack at 20-second increments, total heating time not to exceed 80 seconds. Heating for longer than recommended may result in physical injury or damage to your microwave. To protect from overheating, suggest to wrap pack in moist cloth or paper towel before placing in microwave. To apply after heating or freezing, wrap pack in moist cloth or paper towel. Do not apply to damaged skin or open wounds. Applying cold reduces swelling; once swelling goes down, apply heat. Do not apply hot or cold for more than 20 minutes at a time. If this product causes discomfort, stop using immediately. If the pack punctures or cracks, stop using and dispose of it appropriately. If gel comes in contact with skin, wash with soap and warm water.

(RIGHT) Body Barrier Pro Arm Series 1

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